Thursday, August 2, 2007

Terence Tao got a score of 760 on the SAT math at age 8

Terence Tao scored 760 out of 800, at an age the rest of us barely abandoned Sesame Street. Terence's mother is a math teacher and daddy is a pediatrician. Having such a family cannot hurt but it doesn't explain everything...
And that was only the beginning. Terence was awarded the most prestigious recognition in mathematics in 2006: the medal Fields. Maybe Alex can explain to us what did Terence discovered to merit this prize. Terence blogs about his research but it is a little bit over my head with the exception of this entry about his visit at the Royal Society. I thought I knew what a line was until I read what Terence had to say about it.

Mike, I forbid you from revealing my SAT score. Or I will reveal yours.

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